Trebuchet Timberkits Self-Assembly Wooden Moving Model Kit


Discover the Trebuchet Timberkits self-assembly wooden model kit, capable of constructing a moving model. Crafted with quality and precision.

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A Moving Wooden Model Kit That Will Amaze!

  • Wooden Automata Moving Model Kit
  • Kit Contains Everything Needed to Make the Model
  • Suitable for ages from 9 to 90
  • All parts pre-cut


Introducing the Timberkits self-assembly Trebuchet, the most powerful of the medieval war machines brought to life as a wooden moving model kit! This kit combines historical engineering with the joy of craftsmanship, allowing you to create a fully functioning trebuchet with ease. Just peg and glue the precision-machined wooden components, and watch it spring to life!

Key Features

  • Counterweight trebuchet design for maximum power
  • Suspended swinging hutch adds realistic motion
  • Includes wooden components, shaped and pre-drilled
  • Sandpaper provided for perfecting the finish
  • PVA glue included for easy assembly
  • Comprehensive instructions and parts list for hassle-free building
  • Hints on painting and decorating your model for a personal touch
  • Made with sustainably sourced New Zealand pine for its precise finish and warm natural color
  • Perfect for enthusiasts aged 9 to 90

Experience the Joy of Creating and Owning Your Own Trebuchet

Assemble a fully functional trebuchet that showcases the advanced engineering of medieval war machines. With all parts pre-cut and comprehensive instructions, you can start building without any special skills or knowledge. The kit includes sandpaper and PVA glue to ensure a seamless assembly process, allowing you to focus on the joy of crafting.

Once you’ve completed the model, you can express your creativity by painting and varnishing it to your liking. This trebuchet is just the beginning of your matchstick model adventure. As a result, you can challenge yourself with more advanced kits and expand your collection of beautifully crafted wooden automatas.

Don’t miss out on the chance to amaze your friends and family with this captivating trebuchet model. Order your Timberkits self-assembly Trebuchet today and start your journey into the world of moving wooden models!

Secure yours today and embark on a matchstick model adventure now!

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