Grass Mat Hairy Spring Green Mix 120cmx61cm 48″x24″ Javis Landscape scenery roll


Shop our high-quality 120cmx61cm Javis landscape scenery roll, grass mat hairy spring green mix. Perfect for enhancing your model scenery. Buy now!

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Hairy Grass Matting Roll – Ideal for Model Railway Scenery

  • Matting roll model railway scenery
  • Suitable for 00 Gauge, HO Gauge, N Gauge
  • Supplied as a roll
  • Ideal for model railway scenery


Introducing the Hairy Grass Matting Roll made by Javis Countryside Scenics. This high-quality matting roll is specifically designed for model railway scenery enthusiasts. The spring green color adds a realistic touch to your landscapes, creating an immersive experience for viewers.

Constructed with meticulous craftsmanship, our Hairy Grass Matting Roll provides the ideal texture and thickness to emulate natural grass. Furthermore, it offers versatility compatible with various scale models, including 00 Gauge, HO Gauge, and N Gauge.

Each roll is carefully supplied to ensure easy handling and installation. Simply unroll and cut according to your desired dimensions. Its generous size of 1200mmx610mm (48″x24″) provides ample coverage for your scenic creations.

Key Features:

  • Realistic spring green color
  • Provides a natural texture to your model railway scenery
  • Compatible with 00 Gauge, HO Gauge, N Gauge
  • Easy to handle and install as it comes in a roll
  • Cuts easily to fit your desired dimensions
  • Generous size of 1200mmx610mm (48″x24″)

Enhance Your Model Railway Scenery with Hairy Grass Matting Roll

Experience the beauty of lifelike landscapes with our Hairy Grass Matting Roll. As a result of its realistic spring green color and natural texture, your model railway scenery will exude authenticity. There is no limit to the creative possibilities this matting roll offers. Therefore, whether you’re a seasoned model railway enthusiast or just starting your scenic journey, our product guarantees to elevate your creations.

Secure yours today and embark on a scenery creation adventure like no other!

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