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Shop the Grandfather Clock Matchstick Model Craft Kit by Hobbysand. Create a stunning model clock with intricate details. Perfect for craft enthusiasts.

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Introducing the Matchstick Grandfather Clock Kit

  • Matchstick Grandfather Clock Kit
  • Contains: Instructions, Matches, Glue, Plans, etc
  • Age 10 years and up
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Please note that this is a matchstick model kit and is supplied unbuilt

Experience the Timeless Art of Matchstick Model Building

The Matchstick Grandfather Clock Kit is the perfect project for model building enthusiasts of all ages. Craft your very own intricate and stunning matchstick replica of a classic grandfather clock. Each kit includes everything you need to bring this iconic timepiece to life.

Unlock your creativity and embark on a fulfilling model building journey. The provided instructions are easy to follow, ensuring an enjoyable experience for both beginners and experienced builders. Furthermore, the kit contains all the necessary materials: matchsticks, PVA glue, a clock movement, hands, battery, wooden cornice, 3 brass finials, 2 brass door knobs, brass etched dial bow, brass tube, acetate sheet, plans, and instructions.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Detailed Instructions: Step-by-step guidance for a smooth building process
  • Premium Materials: Sturdy matchsticks and high-quality brass components for an authentic look
  • Unleash Your Creativity: Customize your clock with paint, stain, or other finishes to match your style
  • A Challenging Project: Perfect for honing your precision and patience skills
  • Showcase Piece: Proudly display your finished masterpiece in your home or office

Start Your Matchstick Model Creation Adventure Now

By choosing the Matchstick Grandfather Clock Kit, you are joining a community of passionate model builders who appreciate the artistry and precision of matchstick construction. As a result, you’ll gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction from completing this beautiful timepiece. Therefore, don’t wait another moment – secure your kit today and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of matchstick model building.

Remember, this kit is supplied unbuilt, allowing you to enjoy the entire process from start to finish. Begin your matchstick model creation adventure now!

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