Fish Automata: Timberkits Self-Assembly Wood Construction Moving Model Kit


Looking to bring aquatic charm to your home? Check out our Fish Automata TimberKit – a self-assembly wooden model kit that brings life and movement to any space!

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Timberkits Self-Assembly Fish Kit: Bring Fun and Movement to Your Creation

  • Wooden Automata Moving Model Kit
  • Kit Contains Everything Needed to Make the Model
  • Supplied unbuilt – A project to bring to life
  • Suitable for ages from 9 to 90
  • All parts pre-cut for easy assembly

Create Your Own Flippy Fishy Adventure

Immerse yourself in the world of woodworking and creative expression with the Timberkits Self-Assembly Fish Kit. This engaging and interactive wooden model kit allows you to bring a charming fish character to life. With its precise machined cuts and fully shaped components, you’ll find assembly a breeze – simply peg and glue the parts together, and watch your fish come alive with a simple turn of the handle.

Designed as the perfect introduction for beginners, this kit offers an enjoyable experience for all ages, from 9 to 90. The included comprehensive instructions and parts list ensure that you have everything needed to complete your fish model successfully. Sandpaper is also included to guarantee a smooth and refined finish where occasionally necessary.

Features and Benefits of the Timberkits Self-Assembly Fish Kit:

  • Precisely machined wooden components for a perfect fit
  • Sustainably sourced New Zealand pine for a warm natural color
  • Engaging automata movement adds an element of fun
  • Encourages creativity and dexterity
  • Option to paint, varnish, and decorate your model for a personalized touch
  • Sturdy and durable design ensures long-lasting enjoyment

Create, Decorate, and Inspire with Timberkits

As a result of the Timberkits Self-Assembly Fish Kit, you’ll embark on a journey of creativity and exploration. This kit is not only about building a moving fish model; it’s about pushing your boundaries, discovering your artistic flair, and expanding your skills. Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned crafting enthusiast, this kit provides a fantastic foundation to unleash your potential.

Order your Timberkits Self-Assembly Fish Kit today and begin your matchstick model adventure now. Unleash your creativity, engage your mind, and bring movement and life to your wooden masterpiece.

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