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Build your own Dutch windmill with our Matchcraft matchstick model construction kit. Enjoy the creative process while enhancing your search engine ranking.

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Experience the Excitement of Building with Hobby’s Matchcraft Dutch Windmill Kit

  • Matchstick Kit, contains matchsticks, glue, and instructions
  • Suitable for ages 10 plus
  • Model Construction Craft Kit
  • Wooden Kits


Introducing Hobby’s Matchcraft Dutch Windmill Kit, a captivating and educational craft experience that allows you to create a stunning model of a Dutch windmill. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the satisfaction of building something beautiful with this comprehensive kit.

Key Features:

  • Printed Card: The kit includes a sturdy base made of high-quality printed card, providing the perfect foundation for your windmill masterpiece.
  • Glue: Our premium adhesive ensures the matchsticks fit seamlessly together, allowing you to construct a sturdy and impressive windmill without any compromises.
  • Matches: The kit comes complete with a generous supply of matchsticks, giving you all the essential materials needed to complete your model.
  • Full Instructions: The step-by-step instructions included in the kit will guide you through each stage of construction, making it easy for both beginners and experienced builders to achieve remarkable results.
  • Approximately 36cm in Height: The finished model stands at an impressive 36cm in height, adding an eye-catching centerpiece to your model collection.

A Must-Have for Model Building Enthusiasts:

Whether you are a seasoned model builder or just starting out, Hobby’s Matchcraft Dutch Windmill Kit is a perfect choice. Immerse yourself in the rich history of windmills that were once used for milling grain and pumping water. As you assemble each piece of this intricately designed model, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and engineering behind these iconic structures.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on an exciting matchstick model creation adventure. Secure yours today and let your imagination soar!

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