Dragon Self-Assembly Wood Construction Moving Model Kit


Assemble your own Dragon Timberkit model with this self-assembly wood construction & moving model kit. Experience a unique and creative craft project.

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Timberkits Self-Assembly Mermaid Kit – Create Your Own Moving Wooden Automata

  • Wooden Automata Moving Model Kit
  • Kit Contains Everything Needed to Make the Model
  • Supplied Unbuilt – Suitable for Ages 9 to 90
  • All Parts Pre-Cut for Convenience


Create your own mesmerizing moving mermaid with the Timberkits Self-Assembly Mermaid Kit. This unique wooden automata kit will impress both young and old as it comes to life with just a simple turn of the handle. Crafted with precision from sustainably sourced New Zealand pine, this kit offers a precise finish, a pleasant feel, and a warm natural color.

The Timberkits Mermaid Kit is designed for easy assembly, making it suitable for ages 9 to 90. All parts are pre-cut, so no special knowledge or skills are required to build your own masterpiece. Simply peg and glue the parts together using the included PVA glue, and let your creativity shine.

Key Features

  • A series of crank-operated linkages bring the mermaid to life
  • Mesmerizing lunge forward motion with opening jaws and moving tongue
  • Wooden components, shaped and drilled for easy assembly
  • Includes sandpaper to improve the finish when necessary
  • Comprehensive instructions and parts list for hassle-free building
  • Hints provided for painting and decorating your model

Unlock Your Inner Creativity – Experience the Magic of Timberkits

Bring out your artistic side with the Timberkits Self-Assembly Mermaid Kit. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to matchstick models, this kit offers a rewarding and engaging experience for all. As a result, you can create a unique, handcrafted mermaid model that will astound your friends and leave a lasting impression. Secure yours today and begin your wooden automata adventure now.

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