Caterpillar: Timberkits Self-Assembly Wood Construction Moving Model Kit


Assemble and marvel at the intricate details of our Caterpillar Timberkits moving model kit. Create memorable moments with this wood construction masterpiece.

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Timberkits Self-Assembly Caterpillar Kit: Build, Glue, and Watch it Move!

  • Wooden Automata Moving Model Kit
  • Kit Contains Everything Needed to Make the Model
  • Supplied Unbuilt
  • Suitable for Ages 9 to 90
  • All Parts Pre-Cut


Unlock the world of creativity and engineering with the Timberkits Self-Assembly Caterpillar Kit. This captivating wooden automata moving model kit provides hours of entertainment for aspiring engineers and crafts enthusiasts alike. From an ugly bug to a beautiful butterfly, this kit allows you to bring your creation to life with one easy motion – just turn the handle and amaze your friends!

Key Features:

  • Wooden components, shaped and drilled for easy assembly
  • Sandpaper included to ensure a seamless finish
  • PVA glue provided for hassle-free construction
  • Comprehensive instructions and parts list for easy reference
  • Hints on painting and decorating your model for a personalized touch

Unleash Your Inner Artist:

The timber kit is made with sustainably sourced New Zealand pine, known for its precise finish, pleasant feel, and warm natural color. All parts come pre-cut for your convenience, allowing you to dive right into the assembly process. No special knowledge or skills are required, making it accessible to everyone from ages 9 to 90. Once assembled, you can further customize your model by painting and varnishing it, or take on a more challenging kit!

As a result, the Timberkits Self-Assembly Caterpillar Kit is the perfect choice for those seeking a creative and engaging project. Crafted with passion and attention to detail, this kit guarantees an enjoyable and rewarding building experience. Secure yours today and begin your matchstick model adventure now!

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