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Shop the bow top caravan matchstick construction model kit. Build a detailed and exquisite caravan replica with this fun DIY kit. Perfect for model enthusiasts.

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Introducing the Matchcraft Kit – Create Your Own Bow Top Caravan!

  • Matchstick Kit
  • Contains matchsticks, glue, instructions
  • Suitable for ages 10+
  • Model Construction Craft Kit
  • Wooden kits


Immerse yourself in the world of model construction with our Matchcraft Kit and bring home the stunning Bow Top Caravan! This unique kit includes everything you need to create an incredible piece of craftsmanship that will capture anyone’s attention.

Featuring pre-cut cardboard shapes, headless matches, ready-made wheels and axles, lamps, chain, glue, and window stickers, this Matchstick Kit allows you to assemble the Bow Top Caravan step-by-step with ease. Our enclosed instructions will expertly guide you through each stage of construction until you finally achieve the finished product.

The Bow Top Caravan design draws inspiration from the classic Ledge wagon, enhancing it with modern features. Significantly lighter and less likely to turn over in strong winds, this caravan features a lightweight canvas top supported by a wooden frame, reminiscent of the older bender tents used by the Romanichal community. The beautifully decorated scrollwork and tongue and groove walls, complemented by the discreet green exterior, make this caravan blend seamlessly into any woodland setting.

Step into the miniature world of the Bow Top Caravan and explore the intricately detailed interior. The high scrollwork or Chenille fabric, accompanied by a stove, table, and double bed, completes the cozy ambiance. The approximate size of the finished model is 210mm long, plus 130mm shafts, 130mm wide, and 120mm high, offering a faithful representation at a scale of approximately 1:20.

Key Features:

  • Unleash your creativity with this Matchstick Kit
  • Complete set containing matches, glue, and instructions
  • Perfect for model building enthusiasts aged 10 and above
  • Craft an exquisite Bow Top Caravan with pre-cut cardboard shapes
  • Experience the joy of detailed assembly with ready-made wheels and axles
  • Add a touch of authenticity to your masterpiece with lamps, chain, and window stickers
  • Enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of building with matchsticks
  • Create a stunning model at a scale of approximately 1:20

Elevate Your Model Building Experience Today!

Whether you are a seasoned model builder or just starting out, the Matchcraft Kit is the perfect choice for expanding your creative horizons. As a result, you will be able to showcase your skill and dedication with this unique and captivating Bow Top Caravan model.

Secure yours today and begin your matchstick model creation adventure now! This comprehensive kit offers an immersive experience, unmatched attention to detail, and a memorable way to spend your leisure time. Therefore, take the first step on your journey to creating a masterpiece and become a part of the model building legacy.

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